US Marines in a Fight (finally) in Southern Afghanistan
Patti Patton-Bader on Today Show

"Where the hell have you been?"

Got an email over the last two weeks asking that question. I'll have more later today, including a post about the Ft. Bragg barracks scandal.

In my defense, I did leave you all a note saying I'd be out of contact for awhile.  Here is where I was:


Photo by TJ.  I'm at the mid-point on the Great Wall of China (Badaling section).  I am tired of being harassed by vendors who all claim "Best Price!" and whip out their calculators like I care about their wares and try to charge me $150 for a $1.50 watch.  This is the "Don't @#$% with me" look that drove most of them away.  Also, note the smog.


Photo by TJ.  I was presenting a recommendation for the Shanghai Futures Exchange last Friday.  I am pointing at the club at the Shangri-La across the's where I was headed after work.

More photos later...