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Vets Against the War on Capitol Hell

IVAW brought a few anti-war vets to capitol hill today to testify, not under oath (but they brought lawyers anyway), about war crimes, racism, tons of harsh language, starchy underwear, and really bad army food...oh, and one guy complaining that the military is racist because his unit referred to local Iraqis as Hadji.

Over at "The Sniper", you have the run down of events, live blogged by Thus Spake Ortner, in hilarious fashion.  The stuff is sad. - Farce in the time of Cholera:  The not so under oath testimony of IVAW

...OK kiddies, here we go. TSO is back in his Attila the Celt chair, ready and eager to listen to the testimony of the heroes of IVAW and give you a blow by blow commentary on the asshattery that will ensue before the Congress. And by "Congress" I of course mean only those Members of the Progressive Caucus that actually go.

So, stand by for good times. It should have all the allure of watching John Tesh conduct an orchestra of homeless people play trashcan lids. It should be as exciting as playing lawn jarts while blindfolded. As dangerous as shaving your arse with Greg Louganis' razor. As soothing as cleaning a scrotal laceration with hydrochloric acid. As sexy as Rosie O'Donnell in a coconut bikini. As (ok, ran out of similes, make up your own.)...

Jonn Lilyea at This Ain't Hell was there at the "testimony" - IVAW takes the Road Show to Congress.  Here is Jonn describing one of the new Winter Soldiers/IVAW/testifiers not under oath:

Kristopher Goldsmith told the committee that he’d only joined the Army because he wanted to kill, that his longing for killing went back to his youth - but we shouldn’t be afraid of him because he’s not a killer or a racist anymore.


I'll be in DC soon.  Too bad I missed this circus.  I could have bought Lilyea a beer...