Marine Jailed Over Memorial Day Weekend for Exercising 5th Amendment

US defies world, maintains right to kill children

The world community led by UK Wuss in Chief Gordon Brown have agreed to ban the use of cluster bomb munitions. The action is taken due to concerns that not all of the bomblets explode and they constitute a risk to children similar to land mines. Here was the US response from a PA officer I met while down in Tampa.

    In staying away from Dublin, U.S officials argued that the talks were not the right forum in which to address the issue and that cluster bombs remain an important part of the country's weaponry. "While the United States shares the humanitarian concerns of those in Dublin," said Navy Cmdr. Bob Mehal, a Pentagon spokesman, "cluster munitions have demonstrated military utility, and their elimination from U.S. stockpiles would put the lives of our soldiers and those of our coalition partners at risk."

I would think it was simple enough to see that as the only superpower we are obligated to be able to counter just about any threat up to and including if the Russians or Chinese decide to roll tanks again. It is one thing to require that there is a plan to dispose of or disable these devices once used, but entirely another to say we shouldn't have them. It gets very stale to be providing the security blanket that allows global trade to happen, and to have to listen to the clueless mewling of those who fail to grasp the concept.

Rachel Stohl, senior analyst at the Center for Defense Information in Washington, said the Pentagon gets "nervous" over discussions on restricting use of a weapons system it has in its arsenal and has used in previous conflicts.

She said the fact that in the past five years no situation has arisen in which U.S. forces have needed cluster bombs should show that they are not critical to modern warfare.

"The fact that these 100-plus countries have been able to come together and develop a convention text signifies that the rest of the world is ready to move forward with international agreements that are pro-humanity," Stohl said. "In the end, the victims of cluster munitions have won.

This moistened bint is dim enough to cite a five year span in which we used no cluster bombs as proof we don't need them. Good Lord, that fails to make even a mite of sense; half our arsenal would be scrapped if this silly pacifist had her way. I hate to bust her bubble but the mission of the US military in wartime is very anti-humanity. You see Rachel, bombs are designed to kill people that is their job and in the end if we use them well and kill enough bad people then the nice batches of humanity you champion can live free without the possibility of being fed into industrial shredders. Thanks for playing you silly twit.