Vets Against the War on Capitol Hell
An Introduction and a Big Thank You

Terrace Report & B5 tagline suggestions

Ok we need to hammer out a tagline for the Blackfive schwag so we can get it made. We have a new logo and will be making hats and shirts. We will definitely have a "Don't be a Douche" model as well as a "Don't be a DouChe' ", but we need a family friendly one. So.....any suggestions? I always loved the Paratrooper(s) of Love, but that doesn't really help much and is moderately inaccurate. All my favorites seem to fail the A-Dub can I wear this in polite society test. I mean I like "Fact-checking the shit out of the media" or "Annoying the hell out of the left for fun and entertainment" or "Stomping a mudhole in Murtha's ass". Oh well. I found the source for the peace signs the emaciated kids were eating in yesterday's TR and some other funkiness.