Memorial Day: Remembering The Wounded
Memorial Day Coffee For The Troops

Promises to Keep


While Jonn is doing great work covering the Rolling Thunder in DC, I thought I would pen a poignant and thought provoking post for memorial Day.

At first I thought I would dedicate the post to someone I knew personally who is among those fallen warriors thant we should be thinking of this weekend.

This was no easy task as I thought of men like Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart; then I recalled Jonn's close friend Griz Martin.  Perhaps I would go even further back to guys like Randy Cline or Mark Rademacher?  The I considered someone more contemporary like Tom Echols who was my son's best friend through high school and gave his life in Fallujah.

Tough decision indeed.  So, I grabbed a beer and sat down and started a list.  I was surprised at how rapidly I recalled the names and saddened as the list grew longer…and longer.  Then something happened.

No, that’s just smoke in my eyes.

Please enjoy your weekend but please take a moment to reflect why we have a Memorial Day.

I watched a widow sit and weep,
But I came to kneel where warriors sleep.
I planted a flag beside the stone
And thought of glory far long gone.
I did not sit where she was weeping,
For we each have promises worth keeping.