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Operation Redwing tribute- Someones You Should Know

We have begun work on a video tribute to the men who were lost in Afghanistan on Operation Redwing, the story recounted in Marcus Luttrell's book Lone Survivor. Universal is currently starting the movie which is sure to be a huge success as the first movie about the wars which is not a smear.

We want to make sure there are quality stories about the men who died that day and especially about the lives they lived before Afghanistan. So if you can point us to any of the families and friends of these people please contact me jimbo at and let me know. We will begin filming the first week of June and will keep you all advised where we will be and when. This is not a dirge to mourn the passing of 19 brave men, but a celebration of their lives that will serve in their places. One of the reasons I ask for your help is that you all always manage to cover my back. In the vid, I had a brain cramp and say 13 SEALS and 6 Nightstalkers died, reader Hugh reminds me it was 11 SEAls and 8 Nightstalkers.