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Okay, it is off to a very late start because of a golf game (sheesh, how often has that excuse been used!), but here is some live blogging (alas, not drunkblogging as in the best B5 tradition), but here goes:

I hope one and all lived up to the best tradition of the Chicago Democratic Machine and voted early and often. Not saying the dead voted, but I got in a few votes myself...

Donnie and Marie could get old, but...

Wow. First up is miltary moms. What a host of wonderful moms. Convoy, medical, and -- of course -- Patti. Nice job on each so far. The kids get to you. The phone call from the little girl to her mom pulls on the heart strings.

The favorite miltary Mom is Patti!

Wow. What a win, and even better is the video call with her son in Iraq! I noticed that more than one person got dust in their eye at that (always did like Marie).

What can I say about Patti -- I love Marie's line about "you can't walk through the screen, you have to stay here with me" Congratulations Patti! And congratulations SA on the semi-final win ($25k)! If memory serves, Patti is the only Mom to pledge her winnings to charity.

COE section:

Wow. Five two-year-olds? A blind mother. "Motherhood is multitasking at its best." That may well be the quote of the show. Again, amazing Moms. Tragedy and triumph over adversity. The Texas Mom wins. That was one where I would have had a hard time choosing.

Single Moms:

"The biggest challenge is keeping them on a straight path." Isn't that a quote for any Mom (or parent!)! A published Mom who made a difference. I love the hats on the third (and can identify with the eccentric part). Again, adversity overcome and three excellent choices. The hat lady wins! Excellent choice.

The musical interlude isn't too bad. Not the Cruxshadows, but not quite as much treacle as I expected (not to say diabetic coma is not a possibility for all the sugar, but...)

Working Moms:

Of course, am a bit biased by the first as she is a cook. Second one is with Covenant House, a good outfit from all I have heard. Stroller strides, sounds interesting, like the concept. Again, three hard choices. Covenant House wins!

Pseudo-Rap? Sugar Rap? Ahhhhhhh, my ears!


Again, a good group of mothers. Wow, to adopt the meth babies is brave. Each of these women is very special. Adoption is something so very special (one of my nieces is adopted). The Hati mom wins! Some Moms adopt one, some more. All are so very special for giving that gift of love to those who might not otherwise get it.


yea, I like Marie...

Patti Wins! Soldier's Angels Wins!

To go back to the above, it takes a special woman, a special family to adopt. I can't put into words what it means to both sides, and there are issues around such that do bother me in terms of making them truly a part of the family (joining organizations), but it is such a wonderful thing.

While some may call it trite (though not in my hearing is strongly recommended), Patti adopted an entire Army with her work, along with an entire Navy, air force, and Marines. Aside from some items that I imagine can't be transferred, the win goes to Soldier's Angels.

Again, my thanks for voting, early, often, and long. It is appreciated, and the troops will benefit.

who remembers his Mom this day. First woman on Mercer University's rifle team, a complex and interesting individual who raised her younger siblings when needed and stopped short of two different Ph.D's. Thanks Mom.

And who apologizes for not drunk blogging, but my liver is not in as good a shape as Steven Green's...