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Iraqi Army desecrates Mahdi bodies (graphic video)

Many like to smear the US and our troops as jack-booted thugs who routinely torture, kill and mutilate innocents; there could hardly be a more inaccurate portrayal. I have seen far too many examples of man's inhumanity to man and shockingly it was always someone other than our folks. This footage is revolting and the Iraqi government needs to take control of their troops. Parading the bodies of your enemies around may be a disgusting, ages-old tradition but we are destroying any number of ages-old traditions in Iraq. This should definitely be one of them. Video on LiveLeak in case YouTube ganks it.

UPDATE: Well YouTube ganked the vid and as if to show the difference LIveLeak featured it on their front page. Guess that solves my video host issue. The one thing about the comments in this thread and others where this is posted that bothers me is the common feeling that since these men were swine, treating them or their carcasses badly is fair game. I disconcur. I agree they are swine and I'm happy they are dead, I even did a dead tango dance prior to posting this, but once we kill them it's time to raise ourselves and hopefully our allies above them.

My concern is also more with the perception and the effect on our COIN efforts than any actual concern for the dead animals.