The Sisters of Fallujah

Don't be a DouChe'

Dear angry, hate-filled lefties welcome to Blackfive. We aggravate more hippies by 9 am than most people ever do. I guess you are seething because I defaced one of your religious icons. The problem is you picked such a giant DouChe' as your hero. I mean Che got booted out of every country he tried to revolutionize in and the only thing he is really known for is his sick fetish for executing hundreds, maybe thousands of randomly-chosen prisoners in Fidel's paradise with a pistol round to the head. Real compassionate doctor this Che' ministering death to the poor.

Also welcome to any University of Wisconsin parents who were heartened to see the wanker's picture treated properly on graduation day. I decided that he needed a musical anti-homage so I present The many colors of DouChe'. More T-shirt designs after the jump.

Douche_2 Doucchebw