The GI Film Festival II
More Congressional "Supporting the Troops"

Can We please dis-invite these guys to the party?

And not invite them to any of the others either?  I have a feeling that they would have no respect for Uncle Jimbo's barbequed delights and would complain endlessly about the beer.

I must first apologize for my absence, I know B5'ers, it has been awhile.  I really have been busy.  A new obsession has kind of taken me over.

I have been looking to buy a boat that I can take my son fishing with.  For some of you, you know what I am talking about.  I live about 20 minutes from the nearest boat ramp, and a river runs through Portland, and it has big fish in it.

But on a break from shopping for boats and dreaming of salmon in my smoker, I come home to find this story on the Internet about some of our ISAF partners fighting (or not fighting) with us in Afghanistan, and this is seriously disappointing, which leads me to want to dis-invite them from the party. 

The dangerous terrorist escaped. It would, however, have been possible for the Germans to kill him -- but the KSK were not authorized to do so.

That is only part of the story.

The case has caused disquiet at the headquarters of the ISAF peacekeeping force in Kabul. The current strategy for fighting the enemy is to buy as many Taliban sympathizers as possible, to at least win them over for a while -- and to "eliminate" the hardliners through targeted assassinations.

From a military point of view, the so-called targeting has been a success. Close to one-third of the Taliban leaders, about 150 commanders, have since been "neutralized," meaning they are either dead or captured. Most of the capture-or-kill missions, as the operations are called in military jargon, are undertaken by British or American special forces.

And now that we have set the stage;

Nonetheless, even in a time of growing threats in Afghanistan, Berlin is sticking to its "principle of proportionality," stressed one high-ranking official in the Defense Ministry. A fugitive like the Baghlan bomber is not an aggressor and should not be shot unless necessary, the official explains.

Soldiers from Britain's British Special Air Service or the US's Delta Force are less bothered about such hair-splitting. For them, this is a war in which it comes down to "kill or be killed," say sources in military circles in Kabul. The "targets" are identified, tracked down and -- often with the help of laser-guided weapons systems -- "eliminated."

Can I get the bouncers now?

I know that each ISAF Nation who is contributing to our effort is governed by leaders who after attending some meeting in a room full of antiques and after much diplomatic hand shaking and the espousing of verbal platitudes about how round the table is; we get down to the point that, what all that "diplomacy" really amounted to was that we told ISAF that we would give them a bunch of money to help us out and that we are going to fight the war our own way while they get to say that their country helped us out.

The Germans were working as embedded trainers when I was in Afghanistan, and I was given the impression that based upon their guidance, they could train and mentor Afghan soldiers all they wanted while on the FOB, but were forbidden to accompany their Afghan charges into the field, where the real mentoring takes place.  Not very helpful to the whole "sharing of the burdens" concept when you stay on your nice safe FOB and wave at the Afghans as they gear up and move out to conduct missions invilving actual danger, if you ask me

If this is the kind of support we can expect from the German government and if their spineless leaders are not going to let their soldiers fight, then they should bring their soldiers home so they can practice beer hall take downs, chasing the local Frauleins and sneaking up on unsuspecting bratwursts at Oktoberfest.  That way, they will not be slowing down or getting in the way of those that want to actually defeat these animals.

ISAF had it's own patch when I was in country, and one of the guys from the 10th Mountain told me it stood for "I Suck At Fighting."  I laughed about that the entire deployment.

That guy sure knew what he was talking about...