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Blackfive goes pro

There is a flurry of frenzied activity going on behind the quiet, cultured facade here at Blackfive. The new logo is out, t-shirts are for sale, videos are flying left and right, and now I can announce that I work here. Tomorrow I am full time as the Executive Producer of Blackfive TV. That is a high-falutin' title and what it really means is we will have real pros doing the cameras and editing instead of me. Woo Hoo!. I suck as an editor, videographer and soundman.

We have a number of sponsors, advertisers and others who are making this possible and we are actively seeking more. You are our audience so think about anyone who would want to market to you. If you can point us to s specific person who has responsibility for marketing or advertising please point them in my direction. We are launching the filming of a tribute to the men who died in Afghanistan on Op Redwing, tentative title "The Men of Murphy's Ridge". Lone Survivor tells the tale of that battle, we want to tell the stories of the men who lived before that day.

We will start off in Denver for several days including the 4th of July to film with the Dietz family and friends of Danny. The Traveling Vietnam Wall will be in town and we will be throwing a fiesta at the combined fireworks/wall event. BBQ, Dead Tangos In HiDef, T-shirts me, Kev & the BBQ  Queen the righteous Tanker Babe. Oh and she dominated the rib challenge. Her ribs made me and Kevan cry like we were at a Disney movie. Mmmmmmmmm.

What does this change mean for Blackfive, I don't know for sure. We now are selling things and raising money, but we will donate good chunks of it to the charities we have always supported. We have expenses, but in short order we should have them covered by advertisers and sponsors completely. We are working out the details, but essentially we are making it up as we go along. Suggestions and comments are always encouraged, you all are the reason we have these opportunities. I will continue to update over the weekend and then have some kind of comprehensive post for Monday. Now I need to go take the dry rack of Tanker Babe's ribs and the homemade beans out to warm up for the Freefly in a couple of hours. This is livin'! Shot on the cam in my laptop.