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Blackfive Gear- Don't be a DouChe' T-shirts 4 sale

OK people, the Blackfive Gear shop is officially soft-launched. The first batch of Don't be a DouChe' shirts are being printed and you may pre-order them here and now. They come in Army Green with the new Blackfive logo across the back and Che's defaced face on the front. Just follow the link and you can order your very own, guaranteed to piss off the left. Mr. Sparkle email me with mailing info as one of your fans has bought you a shirt, congrats. They cost $20 and $5 to ship. We have already sold 4 in the first 15 minutes. Heh.

T-Shirt Xtra-Large

T-shirt Large

T-Shirt Medium

T-Shirt Small