"Where the hell have you been?"

US Marines in a Fight (finally) in Southern Afghanistan

And in other news, water is wet....

I am certain that these Marines are violating some long standing NATO rule on not endlessly negotiating with these butt-monkeys before convening a meeting to decide when to give the Taliban their exact battle plan so that every one feels all "even" and stuff when they kick it off.

Now don't get me wrong, the Danes, the Poles, and the British (certain units) I have fought with are doing a bang up job down there, but they just don't have the same issues with these guys that we Americans have.  And for the Brits at least, they are hamstrung by a crazy, socialist, leftist, elitist media that demonizes their every move, good or bad.  But we all know what I am talking about when I talk about negotiations with these guys.

But anyway, I watched Fox News today while spending my last day healing from my gall bladder surgery and found out some interesting facts from the reporting that I would like to share with everyone.

Many of the 2,300-member unit who conducted the operation are Iraq war veterans.

Many of the men in the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit served in 2006 and 2007 in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province in western Iraq. The vast region was once the stronghold of Al Qaeda in Iraq before the militants were pushed out in early 2007.

(Capt. John) Moder said that experience would affect how his men fight in Afghanistan.  "These guys saw a lot of progress in Ramadi, so they understand it's not just kinetic (fighting) but it's reconstruction and economic development."

Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid, and Senator Murtha; I hope you had your pencils out.... 

I also don't think that these particular USMC moving projectile backstops understand what kind of fighting unit they are tangling with.  When I was there, the 10th Mountain had spent a good portion of their time ruining the evenings of these guys and pushing them either out of the country and over the border, or into graves.

The heat down south is worse than in the east and northeast, but not by that much.  It will break 100 degrees, but that isn't the part that sucks; it is the drop at night to 40 (or less sometimes) that ruins your day, after spending a good portion of it ducking into ditches, calling in fire, shooting and reloading, and kicking in doors. 

If you have ever had your sweat frozen into your uniform, then some of you know what I am sayin'

The terrain there is unforgiving, because the base elevation is so high to start with, and you can be a PT Stud or a disgusting fat-body and you will move at the same speed as your opposite.  The plus side is that between the all bread, rice and goat diet, you are bound to be skinny for the wife or girlfriend by the time you get home.  My partner Captain Jack last 35 pounds, in 45 days.  I lost 30.

But it is not an urban environment.  That means many good things; more weapons, larger areas to shoot into, more air strike options and with the target rich environment they are experiencing down south in Helmand, these all add up to more dead Taliban, and, I have heard, the production of heroin is way off this year.

Somewhere in Hell, between dips in the goat dung pool, Zarqawi is crying....