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The "Feel Good" Movie of the year...


In direct contravention to the HollyWeird types, and the usual fair that they call "acting," there is a movie out there that premiered not long ago in Los Angeles that might put a positive spin on what kind of sacrifices were made in the War in Iraq.

So, presenting from Lucky Forward Films is This is War: Memories of Iraq. 

This movie is about the men of the 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry and their time fighting in OIF in Najaf and Fallujah in 2004 to 2005.  And they are not some high speed, low drag crack unit out of the SOCOM.

They are National Guardsmen, who serve not only their state, but their nation as well.

I am certain that the Code Pink operatives, the ACLU, ANSWER, and IVAW are probably not going to like the movie, but I know the movie wasn't made for them.

I know a few of these men, having served with them for some years now in the National Guard, both overseas and at home and at the risk of giving away some of my anonymity, they are all from Oregon.

The footage shot from this movie is not something that you are probably going to find in any movie coming out of HollyWeird because it is shot through the cameras and eyes of the men who lived it, at the time they were living it.

Here is some of the write up that came from our Guard Newsletter, The Sentinel:

The special screening of the film documenting their deployment was held during the 2nd Annual Cinema City Film Festival March 9-10, at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, Calif. According to the event’s organizer, Suzanne DeLaurentiis, the showing was as much business as it was personal.

“After I watched the movie, I just fell in love with the guys,” she said. “They’re a great group of people and we’re so proud to have them here.”

Some of the celebrities who attended the event included Ed McMahon, Cuba Gooding Sr., singer Debora Gibson, Ed Lauder, “Good Times” star, Ja’Net Du Bois, and Christopher McDonald, who is best known for the character of ‘Shooter McGavin’ in the movie “Happy Gilmore”.

The entire article is here.  Additionally, the book The Devil's Sandbox by John R. Bruning, is the companion reader to this movie and is a chronicle of their actions while deployed there, from the rolling ambush after leaving Navistar to the "Card-board Coffins" to the Battle at the Jemalia Power Station (a "3 hour tour" that turned into an 18 hour plus firefight) and more.

Like I was saying, I know some of these men personally, and I have seen their videos uncut and unedited before we left for Afghanistan, as some of them volunteered (yes leftards, volunteered) and there was this one part, where my buddy Joe was wounded by some Mahdi dude and he...

Well, I won't spoil it.  I hope that video made it into the show....

I would encourage everyone to go and get a copy of the movie and see OIF through the eyes of men who lived it, and not from some stringer or Green Zone Ranger.