Ideology in COIN
Gilligan's Island (in Iraq)

Notes on Supporting the Troops

Two projects you may not have heard about:

Brigade America is an organization that is trying to find ways to support the troops against slander and abuse -- for example, in working to organizae a boycott of Berkeley, CA.  Many of you are affiliated with similar organizations, and may find here another ally.  If you haven't heard of them before, drop by and see what they're doing.  I gather they'd like to hear from anyone who can help, or who is doing similar things.

Jim Cannon of "Thinking Right" is doing another "letters from home" project, this time in support of the crew of the USS Russell DDG-59.  He'd like to ask you to write a letter (which he will compile and send to the crew, so as not to create strain for them -- remember how we sent tens of thousands of letters to RCT-6, that had to be printed out and distributed, and created a serious strain on their bandwidth?).

Please write to:

[email protected]

Jim asks that you put "Letters from Home" in the subject line.