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National Heroes Tour- Vets on the Hill

I meant to link this before but John Lilyea from This Ain't Hell had excellent coverage of the event and I got to finally meet him, great guy and an excellent blog.

The signature event of the National Heroes Tour brought 450+ Iraq and Afghanistan vets to Capitol Hill for a rally and then to meet with their Reps and Senators to let them know that the folks with the most accurate and real information about the wars in those places believe we can and must win. Defeatism in Congress was running rampant in 2006 and 2007. Things were not going well and the left/Dems thought they could hang a defeat on the adminstration and bring the troops home before they finished the job Congress gave them. The troops have spoken loudly and they say "Let us Win!". My audio for the event got hosed, so I borrowed some footage from a friend of Pete Hegseths who was there. John McCain has some stirring lines, but Lindsey Graham of South Carolina had the nicest bit of red meat saying " I know who wants you to come home from Iraq, al Qaeda. 'Cuz you're kicking their ass over there."  Your damn skippy Senator, we sure are.