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More people I have met

I have done an awful job of keeping track of the dozens of Blackfive readers I have met while traveling for the past couple of weeks. You guys are everywhere and I haven't always had a notebook around to write names down. If I should throw you a link and haven't, PLEASE ping me and remind me, it's due to my complete inability to organize anything. The Church Ladies a shadowy group of do-gooders (TB, DD etc) who can pipe up and identify in the comments if they want, had the TankerBabe deliver the bus a wash tub full of goodies and when we dug through all the nuts and cookies and such we got to the bottles of Jack and 100% agave TooKillYa. Thanks ladies our stomachs and livers are much more fulfilled.

I wrote about American Hitmen ,the all Leatherneck band, who rocked the USS Midway on the opener of the Tour. Well I met the parents of Tim & Dan Cord the lead singer and guitarist at our stop in Franklin, TN How cool is that?

Reader Tim sends:

Think the above article has anything to it? One sentence summary: USSOCOM will eventually be SOF (of all branches) only and US Army SF will cease to exist as an operational force.

A gentleman who has played the game and who I met in Tennessee writes on the broader war here.

This Marine caught our stop in Nashville, TN and had this report.

I say again, PLEASE write me if I am ignoring you. I am a a Muppet, not snooty.