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Global Counter-Insurgency (COIN) -Petraeus to head CENTCOM

Mike Yon, Professor, The Proof of the Unmentioned American Strategy

As my Differential Equations Prof used to say, "the proof of this theorem is left to the student, as the result is obvious to those with the knowledge to seek it".

Michael Yon's new book, Moment of Truth in Iraq, has been reviewed by the New York Post. In that review, the quotes selected echo the theme which has played itself out throughout the War on Terror and is the True underlying strategy behind the War on Terror, wherever it is fought by Americans today.

Those who visit Blackfive occasionally may find it vindicates certain points of view.

He shares a rarely reported aspect of the American effort in Iraq - rebuilding: "The American soldier is the most dangerous man in the world," he says, "and the Iraqis had to learn that before they would trust or respect us. But it was when they understood that these great-hearted warriors, who so enjoyed killing the enemy, are even happier building a school or making a neighborhood safe that we really got their attention."

Heard that somewhere before?

Press on. To Victory.