US Navy Seal Mike Monsoor - Awarded the Medal of Honor
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Media is Absent on Medal of Honor Awardees

Google News shows that no one, other than local news in San Diego, is covering the awarding of the Medal of Honor to US Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor.

This is quite evident of the MSM's bias.  I don't know how you can argue in favor of them today.  This story is one that should be told across the nation.

I wasn't going to blog about this today or even post the New York Times and AP's embarrassing report on US Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor.  The New York Times printed 78 words about the pending MOH for Mike Monsoor and had to correct the story.  Three sentences for a man like Mike...

I checked my frustration because I hoped that they might print something today about the Navy SEAL who sacrificed himself to save his teammates.  I thought, maybe, it would make for a nice front page story this morning.

"The Paper of Record" did not print one word.

You can email the Public Editor, Mr. Clark Hoyt, and ask, politely, why the Times chose not to run a story about Michael Monsoor on the day of his award.

[At this point, it is difficult to propose that the American public is at fault in the disconnect between the military and our society when you have such blatant disregard i
n "the free press" for such uncommon American valor.  This is not the first time, or the second, or the third, that the media has ignored or muted the incredible strength, compassion and will of our military men and women.  Remember, the Times dedicated about 400 words to SFC Paul Smith (the first MOH awardee for the War on Terror).  At the time, they were publishing dozens of Abu Ghraib stories above the fold on the front the page.  Abu Ghraib was an important story.  Did it warrant as much attention as it got?  Did Paul Smith get as much attention as he deserved?]

Update 830PM CST: Lots of news reports are out about the ceremony. And it appears that the foreign press is fascinated by the tears of our President.  Hopefully, Mike Monsoor's sacrifice will be a lead story or front page story tomorrow.

Update 04-09-08 7:00AM CST:  The New York Times published 504 words about Michael Monsoor in the Washington section of the paper.  The piece ends thusly:

...The third of four children, Petty Officer Monsoor, who grew up in Garden Grove, Calif., played tight end for his high school football team. He liked to snowboard and spearfish. Mr. Bush said Petty Officer Monsoor had asthma as a child and “strengthened his lungs by racing his siblings in the swimming pool.”

“He worked to wean himself off his inhaler,” Mr. Bush said.

Petty Officer Monsoor entered the Navy in 2001 and joined the Seals in 2004.