A Better Use of Iwo Jima

In the Crosshairs- Not Moqtada Sadr

Mookie Sadr is the media's favorite boogeyman in Iraq and they simply will not let him slink off and hide in Iran. A fair look at the past few months would conclude that Sadr got his ass handed to him by Maliki and the Iraqi government. About the only folks still propping up Sadr are the media and his handlers in Iran. Al Qaeda in Iraq is more scared than scary so as the press look for ways to keep the hope of defeat alive we get pieces like the AP report that Mookie is going to go all out against the US and carve out an Iranian shadow state just like Hezbollah has in Lebanon.

I hate to harsh the APs latest defeatist propaganda party but Mookie and his boys just got thumped pretty hard in Basra and it wasn't even US troops it was Iraqi Army forces making mounds of dead tangos. He has never had the guts and incredibly bad judgment to go head to head with us and now taking a stand against the Iraqi government could prove just as terminal. Things are looking pretty good for the Iraqis as the main Sunni group agreed to return to the government and Mookie may have served his purpose in the question of whether the Shia-dominated government and Army had the will and the ability to move against the Mahdi Army's Shia militias. Well, yes and yes are the resounding answers and all those new Iranian weapons and radios the Mahdi hotshots were bragging about a few weeks ago didn't matter much against the Iraqi troops. Mookie ran up the white flag soon after the Government troops started stacking his thugs like cord wood.

Mookie's time has passed and while he will still be an aggravation his power is broken and he is discredited. But that won't stop the media from trotting his carcass out to keep those defeat fires burning.

For the smahty, ahts, fahty crowd I offer an existensialist interpretation of this ITC.