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I Gotta Read More

Man, I keep missing some of the great stories out there. Guess work is becoming a little too busy for me.

This is a great story from Men's Health about courage, bravery, and how to cultivate it. A plus to the story is it was written during the time Mike Monsoor was in ar Ramadi and was killed serving us in defense of his country. It identifies some of the thinking behind the Anbar Awakening, and highlights what makes a Brave Man, Brave. There is no question Michael Monsoor epitomizes the Character, Courage, and Commitment to his comrades that distinguishes Bravery from the common and cheap political discourse and communication of Cowardice seen from Congress today. Thank God our country produces more Men like Mike than "Congressquitters" like _insert name of your favorite dhimmi here_.

Read it people. It's a good one.


Thanks to the Weekly Standard for bringing it to my attention.