Debord's Petraeus fashion critique- First Draft
4th ID Soldiers Make Incredible Find

Go, Ralph!

Did any of you really think we'd NOT post something about the Press vs. Our Military here?

Of Course Not.

Git 'em, Ralph. Carl, Awaiting your incoming.



My answers to Question #1: Michael Yon, Michael Totten, Rick Fumento, Kelly Wright, Rick Leventhal, Greg Kelly, David McDougal, David Bloom, (none of whom looked all that scared to me even when they were under fire), Nic Robertson, Christiane Amanpour, Peter Arnet, Brian Williams. None of whom hold a candle to the Corpsman/Combat Medic who bandaged up Greg Kelly's nose when he got hit by shrapnel on the Thunder Run into Baghdad in 2003.

My answers to Question #2: Lt Michael Murphy, Petty Officer Michael Monsoor, SFC Paul Ray Smith, CPL Jason Dunham, Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell, SGT David Bellavia, SPC Monica Lyn Brown, Captain Peter Di Giorgio, 1st Lt. Robert I. Sickler, SPC Jeffrey Jamaleldine, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Allen Crist, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Kevin Purtee, SSG Robert James Miller, Sgt. Tyson Regier, CPL Marco Martinez, LTC Steve Russell, LTC Tim Maxwell, 1st Lt. Nathan Krissoff, PFC Alejandro "Alex" Varela, PFC Travis Haslip, SPC Joseph Gilmore, SPC David Behrle, SGT Jean Medlin, SSG Christopher Moore, among a long, long list of others we have all come to know here at Blackfive. And whom the Newseum knows nothing about. But the ladies and gents in answer number 1 are all pretty well known. And some deservedly so.

Remember, it is about WHERE you get your news, whom you can believe when you need the Truth, and who you care about, that says so much about what you think, whom you support, and why you are here.

Soldiers don't ask for recognition to do their job. They just ask that you support what they do when they get shot at. If you can't do that, you might be a journalist. (OK, maybe not.)

Subsunk out.