A Suspension of Contempt
A significant dead tango

Ex-Marine Murtha At It Again

Yep, there are indeed a few ex-Marines around, and John Murtha is one of the few I have seen formally repudiated in writing by his former brothers. Today, Soldier's Mom let me know that the venal (Abscam, pork) and possibly senile Blue Falcon opened his mouth on age. That is, he spewed forth that John McCain was too old to be the President; and, that he was younger and things were too much for him. He even took a shot at Ronald Reagan.

Well, I suspect that John McCain has kept himself in better shape than the porkmeister, and even has a brain and sense of honor that still work quite well unlike porky. I may not agree with McCain on a number of points, but that is a different matter. McCain may indeed be the elder, but the one that is old is Murtha. Is there anyone with honor and integrity that he won't throw under a bus for his own gain? Heck, anyone at all he won't screw over to benefit himself?