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Bellavia for Congress fights back

That's right it's official David Bellavia is running for Congress in Buffalo NY to replace a retiring Republican. He faces competition from a VoteVets Democrat and also from several rich Republicans who want to buy seats in Congress. I don't begrudge anyone their money, but I hate the idea that more Reps will trample better men simply because the Republicans are short on fundraising and these folks can finance their own campaigns. So support Dave if you can with money or contact the Republican NY State or national commitees and tell them to go with character over coinage.

Here is his campaign's response to those who smeared him.

Bellavia For Congress


April 11, 2008


Contact: (585) 409-6692

[email protected]                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Bellavia Condemns Attack From Liberal Left


Batavia, NY - Retired Army Staff Sergeant David Bellavia condemns the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's vicious attempt at character assassination.


"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a statement that intentionally misquotes what I actually said and is possibly slanderous. It is unfortunate that liberals are desperately employing the politics of personal destruction." 


"I call on my fellow Republicans and the citizens of Western New York to join me in condemning the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and their friends in the liberal media who exploit, manipulate and smear veterans of the United States Military."


"I volunteered for the U.S. Army to protect and defend my country and our freedoms. I served beside soldiers of every race, culture and religion. Whether on the battlefield or at home, we are all simply Americans."


"Sadly, our celebrity-obsessed culture glorifies pop stars, athletes and entertainers rather than celebrating heroes like Michael Mansoor who freely make the ultimate sacrifice for the defense of our freedoms. That, simply, is and was my point. I believe honest Americans will agree."


"The reaction from the radical Left was predictable in their attempts to exploit an innocent remark I made. I can only say to them, 'enough,' I refuse to play your game."



Speech from Kansas City – March 27, 2008


Mr. Bellavia, a native of Buffalo, lives in western New York with his wife and two sons.  There he has founded a local Veteran's Coordination Center that focuses on the early treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other veteran's-related issues and outreach programs. Bellavia is also a co-founder of the non-partisan, non-profit Vets for Freedom organization.