Leadership: Rumbles from Below

And they wonder why 73 plus percent of military members are registered as Republicans

I want them to defend this...

I want them to defend using the video of the apparent death of American Soldiers while serving in Iraq to the religious zealot, gun nut, under-employed working class folk that probably have either served before, serve currently or have a family member who faces danger every day in the ITO.

I want them to defend using this video to make the misleading statement that we are "losing in Iraq."

Of course, the cowards respond according to the script:

Calls to the DNC for comment and for information about the footage went unreturned.

I don't want to hear anymore from the pompous gas-bags in the Old Media and the Code Pink turd-burglars about how they "Hate the war but support the troops"....  Where I come from, we say "that dog won't hunt."

But, since the media outlets are not showing it, out of respect for our comrades in arms, I would like to encourage everyone to tell everyone you know to go and see the ad and tell their friends too.

That way, whichever candidate is chosen by the Democrats, the American voters can ensure that the Democrats are headed for a McGovern style beat-down in November....

A beat-down that will sting for a couple generations....