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A Difficult Decision

The last few weeks have brought many things into focus for me. I've looked at what I have done in life, what it has cost me, and what it will cost me if I continue on as planned.

Blogging has brought me into contact with some truly wonderful people; and, has seen myself and others around me attacked in many ways. There are threats that go beyond simple trollery, and must be taken seriously.

Also, I have been exposed to ideas and concepts that have challenged all I believe in. The truth rarely is convenient or comfortable, yet it must be acknowledged and accepted. The coming year or so of politics promises to be nasty and vicious, and I see far too many in this country who are far more interested in that and in aiding such vitriol rather than doing what is truly right for the country. Party over principle.

This extends even into the realms of communications and media in which I have made a living for more than 20 years. Various issues at work, and the words of Carl Prine here on this blog have shown me that I truly know nothing about this area, and that my earning induction into Kappa Tau Alpha was as meaningless as the various awards I've earned.

Therefore, with an odd mixture of sadness and relief, I tell you all now that I have decided to make a major life change. I am now in the process of switching careers, a process that is not easy nor comfortable. What I have done here before is over.

I want to thank all of you for your readership, your support, and the words that have shaped the decisions I have made and am now enacting. I end here with this thanks and well wishes to all of you.



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