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Wounded Warriors Highlighted

The Wall Street Journal has an article about events which we here at Blackfive have known about for some time now. It is, however, a behind the scenes look at how military folks honor their own, out of sight of the media, and without requiring dignitaries and speeches to highlight the events.

We just know what Honorable service looks like, and we don't feel the need to take a bunch of photos and make a lot of speeches to prove to someone else that we know it took guts and a sense of Duty to volunteer to do a difficult job in a time of war. And we don't really need praise to be motivated to do it, although that does help us stay focused and determined to continue doing our Duty.

Wounded Warrior events highlight service to your country, and the Men and Women who chose to do so, without regard to politics or ulterior motives. And we don't need a reporter or politician telling us how we need to act to prove it. We are proud of these folks, and urge them to continue supporting their Men and Women in uniform, wherever they may be.

Unlike some other folks.

Subunk out.