Wounded Warriors Highlighted
National Heroes Tour Kicks Off Today

Winter Soldier Redux

The start of the latest attempt to make Iraq (and Afghanistan) into Vietnam is now in full swing. Yet, this time, there are some differences. Namely, there is the internet, blogs, and a host of good and honorable organizations who will not let lies stand and/or be propagated unopposed by a credulous (and willing) media. This is a good thing, and the despicable travesty that was the original will not play out the same way. Though, to be fair, John Kerry is a gift that keeps on giving.

I hope like heck that someone is there and will get video and audio out as quickly as possible. I hope that questions are raised and facts checked. I will also state that if any legitimate crimes are found as a result of the testimony or checking of same, that they are investigated, prosecuted, and punished to the fullest extent of the law -- including punishing those who withheld that information, at least until they could grandstand about it.

The marketplace of ideas is a great thing, and at least this time we will be able to get a list of ingredients in what is being served up. I know I plan to check that before I take anything off this buffet.

If anyone knows of a site that is posting in realtime or near-realtime, please let us know in the comments. If someone is going to posting audio, video, or stories later from what went on today, please let us know that as well.


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