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Winter Shysters

I have been purposely ignoring the farce that is Winter Soldier II. I am obviously doing something much more important and more or less diametrically opposed with the National Heroes Tour, but I will make time to abuse these chumps. Yesterday an anti-war twit showed up at a book-signing and handed out a Winter Soldier preview DVD. Instead of frisbeeing it as far as I could, I made the mistake of watching it, now I'm wicked pissed. I knew they would lie and misrepresent and steal oxygen from much higher life forms, but for some reason spending time with the folks traveling on this tour has heightened my outrage. So I would like to extend two middle fingers and a hearty "f**k you very much" to all the dung beetles scurrying around hating on America in support of this.

The DVD was just what you would expect, a few sorry souls who were lied into a war designed only for Halliburton profits, oil theft and US imperialism. They were ordered to destroy entire cities and rewarded for the slaughter of innocents. Every Iraqi they met hated us for defiling the peaceful Shangri La that was Saddam's Iraq. They detailed the abuses our jack-booted thugs rained down upon the Iraqis and showed pictures and video of the carnage. Yet somehow they failed to notice that in many of the photos they highlighted, wounded Iraqis were being cared for by US medics. What is that all about? I thought we were just trying to kill enough brown people to steal their oil? We are supposed to honor all those who have served their country and I believe that. However, I also reserve the right to disrespect those who use their time in uniform in sorry attempts to paint this country as an evil empire. Sorry you spineless, gutless, pathetic husks masquerading as men, but we take down evil empires starting with an actual imperial power we broke free from, proceeding to our dismantling of the global slave trade, continuing to our bloody struggle to save the world from Nazi Fascism and Japanese imperial domination, segueing nicely into the knockout we delivered to Soviet Communism, and continuing to our current battles with virulent Islamic extremists bound and determined to progress us to the 7th century and the benevolent embrace of sharia law.

As a pacifist I abhor violence and have devoted a large chunk of my life to the pursuit of peace. Unlike the sorry wankers now flinging poo at America and our military, I understand that sometimes violence is the only path to a real and useful peace. I would love nothing more than to live in a world where there was no war, if you find this place please let me know. Until then I will keep my powder dry and my sword sharp.