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US Navy SEAL Mike Monsoor to get the Medal of Honor

Believe me, the story of Mike Monsoor is not lost upon us.  Many of you have emailed and left Comments about his pending posthumous award.  Jimbo will have an interview with Marcus Luttrell about Mike Monsoor posted this weekend.

Froggy wrote this about Mike's sacrifice in October of 2006:

Last Friday in Ramadi, Iraq SEAL Team THREE lost its second SEAL in combat, SO2 Michael A. Monsoor.  Mike was from Garden Grove, CA and having failed to complete BUD/S training his first time around, Mike was undeterred.  He came back through and made it this time.  Details of the operation he was involved in have yet to be released by the Navy, but all of the verbal reports that I have received from friends still on active duty indicate that it is probably time to rename the Galley at NAB Coronado and stand by for a Medal of Honor nomination.

My understanding thus far is that during some sort of combat engagement a terrorist was able to toss a grenade into a room occupied by Mike and at least two other SEALs.  Recognizing the danger to his fellow SEALs, Mike selflessly placed himself in a position to block the blast of the grenade with his own body and saved the lives of his platoonmates...

And he asked you to send letters and cards of condolences and support to the Monsoors...AND.YOU.DID.  Froggy wrapped up his post with this:

Editorial time:  I have been consistently frustrated with the Navy and the NSW leadership's seeming unwillingness to adequately award and nominate enlisted SEALs for their consistent valorous conduct.  I do not want to go into any specifics here, but suffice it to say that the enlisted SEAL community and this blog in particular will be watching what happens with Michael Monsoor.

I spoke with Froggy earlier this week and he asked me to write up a post about Mike. Suffice it to say that he is very proud of Mike and it is a very good thing that the Navy has recognized his valor.

Froggy attended the memorial service where the surviving members of Mike's team, alive because of his actions, thanked the family:

...On the rostrum, all three SEALs whose lives Mike personally saved hobbled up together to thank Michael and his family for their very existence and to show their family's gratitude for sparing them the grief that Michael's family is now experiencing.  I have never witnessed something as special and inspiring in my entire life-I have never even heard of such a thing happening before.  Michael's sister Sara told of a vision that she had upon hearing the news that her brother had died a hero's death saving his brothers.  She said that she saw a puzzle missing its final piece being completed by an unseen hand and that its visage was that of her brother.  His actions, his deeds, his sacrifice were the culmination of a lifetime of preparation to go forth into combat and distinguish himself above and beyond the call of duty... 

When Froggy called I was getting on a plane for a family vacation in Florida so I've been a bit slow to post.  We will post a definitive piece about Mike later, closer to the date of the award, in typical Blackfive manner.  In the meantime, here is a YouTube tribute to US Navy SEAL Mike Monsoor: