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Troops not allowed to wear uniforms in public

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Sign of the times   [Mark Steyn]

From John Howard's lecture last night:

When Ronald Reagan died Colin Powell reminded us that in the early 1980s military personnel often went to work in civilian clothes, such was the mindset of the time.

That was just one element of the cultural trepidation that President Reagan confronted and overcame. 

From Britain's Daily Mail this morning:

RAF personnel have been ordered not to wear their uniforms in public after incidents of verbal abuse on the streets.

I have an Uncle J addition to the rule.

Any able-bodied veterans who witness punk ass civilians verbally abusing the military forces of any decent nation are empowered to return said abuse and rain down upon them with great vengeance and furious anger those who would poison and destroy my brothers.

This is not an incitation to stomp mudholes in hippy asses. It is a call to defend the honor of those who shouldn't have to defend it against trifling dung beetles like these.

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