Explosion At Military Recruiting Station Times Square
Airborne Medic saves French Soldier

The German Who Fought for America

    "And what are you doing so that we can have peace? How much longer do you think you'd be sitting around drinking coffee in fancy Berlin cafés if people like me didn't exist? If there was nobody to make sure you could live in peace? If there was nobody to fight terrorism?" - SPC Jeffrey Jamaleldine to his father

Steve H. sent the link to the der Speigel article about a German citizen who enlisted in the American Army to fight terrorism.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air linked to it and Jules Crittenden has a good take on it too (pointing out that der Speigel can't just write about a good man without "context").

Anyway, if you've here for awhile you know the Soldier - we posted the story of his daring rescue and video footage of it too.  And he pops up in the Comments on this post here about his rescue.  Here is Specialist Jamaledine's response to Blackfive readers wishing him a speedy recovery and Mr. Sparkle's callous evaluation of the Apache air crews:

Thank you for everybodies support. I am in Landstuhl Germany right now with my family. The first surgeries were pretty successful I have another one on monday. since i got shot in the face i have no feelings on the left side of my face but the Dr said I may recover them over time. I can't complain since if it wasn't Chief Warrant Officer 2 Allen Crist and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Kevin Purtee I would not be here at all.

I think this post needs to be bumped seeing as we now have such prestigious guests.

Hi stlzoom. As you are related I may have caused offence, so let me clarify what I said. First I don't think anybody was so absurd to say they did it for recognition. Second you should be *extremely* proud of your brother. In fact if you look at what I said I was not criticising the aircrews at all, just the fact they get too much love!

Jeffrey, all I can say is well done mate.

I can only speak for myself but how can you ever give enough credit to the Aircrew that saved my life. We were 19 Deltas pinned down on the shoreline with no where to go until the Apache Helicopters and their guns bailed us out. So that should speak for itself who should get the credits here

Posted by: SPC Jamaleldine | July 05, 2007 at 06:26 AM