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[Update from Blackfive:  Thanks to some very diligent readers, we had this video in the early stages before the internet buzz took off.  Mudville led and Mr. Wolf approached the powers that be to look into this before the story broke.  Laughing Wolf, who I neglected to bring on board on this topic, speaks for us on this one.  The Marines were investigating this long before the story had hit the big bloggers and news media (like FoxNews and the AP).  We wanted to give them time to get to the bottom of the veracity of the video before posting - and then the media, probably watching Digg, got a hold of it.  Regardless of whether the video is fake (hope so) or not, this Marine gave the enemy a moral victory here at home.  His chops need bustin'.]

I didn't hear about this until this morning.  By the time I did, YouTube had taken it down (did it upset the Pakistanis as that seems to be the reason du jour for removing videos from YouTube).  Based on various accounts of the video, there is some question as to if it was a real puppy or a dead puppy or even a stuffed animal. 

If it were fake or dead, this was an asinine video to make.  Even if it were clearly a stuffed animal, it is still going to play into the hands of the anti-military bigots that seem to permeate the "progressive" crowd.  This is the crowd that believes our Soldiers and Marines to be the scum of the Earth, capable of any depravity and simply looking for a place without witnesses to do same. 

That such people are bigots is a given, but for the trolls here is a quick exercise:  replace "Soldier" or "Marine" or "Airman" or such with the N-word.  Then compare that commentary with commentary from the KKK or even old-time segregationist politicians.  Same playbook, just different target. 

If it was a real, live puppy...  Well, the Marines are investigating and if -- repeat, IF -- this was real with a live animal, throw the book at them, and add on.

Before the trolls start up, and some claim they did/their men could have done/etc., I will repeat my comment for the record that no, our troops are not saints.  In any population that large, even in a volunteer force, you are going to have the cream that rises to the top and the fecal matter that sinks to the bottom.  For a number of reasons, our troops do tend to rise above the norm on several positive attributes, but that doesn't mean that some of them are not scum.  Scum usually gets weeded out quickly, but some does slip through.  It does seem from the numbers, however, that the scum is a smaller percentage of the population as compared with the general population (sensational reporting and misleading headlines aside), and the cream seems to be a larger percentage in comparison as well.  As a final note, I don't want saints protecting me.  I'd much rather have rough men and women who have chosen to stand between the darkness and the light, and are ready to do violence on my behalf.  Besides, saints aren't nearly as much fun to hang out with...

Whomever made this video frelled up badly.  If a fake, they have given domestic enemies ammunition to use against the military and in support of the enemy.  If real, well, the only positive thing I can find is that they have identified themselves for what they are. 

If fake, they need to stand up, admit it, show the proof, and take their lumps for giving aid and comfort to the bigots and other domestic enemies.  If it was real, I reiterate that the book should be thrown at them, and may their brothers in arms add to that as well. 


UPDATE:  I've now seen the video, as it is now getting reposted by the people noted above, and it is indeed disturbing.  More than ever, I think we need some facts and am very glad that the Marines are investigating the matter.  No matter what, those who did this need some serious busting as they have energized and given great propaganda and ammunition to the anti-military crowd.  Way to go guys, instead of focusing on the ignored progress, real gains, and other good news, guess what the MSM and the anti-military crowd is going to focus on now...