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ADM Fallon

Resolve to Win

"Resolve to Win" is the name of a group that is in the twelfth day of a sixteen day cross-country march from South Carolina to DC.  They intend to wind up at the Lincoln memorial, to show their support for our troops.  I want to take a moment to thank them for what they are doing, and to encourage everyone who is in the DC area to get out and visit with them on their successful arrival.  Details are at their blog, above.

An aside:  According to their email, this is not the first time they've written to ask for coverage, and they resent being ignored.  This is the second time in two days I've gotten an email of that sort, so I fear I may have offended more widely yet than that. I would like to apologize to anyone I may recently have offended by appearance of disinterest.  I'm in my last three weeks here in Iraq, and the subordinate units here have already begun to RIP/TOA.  That means a substantial amount of confusion -- in addition to training my own replacements -- in addition to the normal duties as a civilian advisor to a division headquarters.

I certainly have not intended to ignore anyone, nor to show unkindness nor disrespect.  Please forgive the appearance of any you may feel you have received from me.  It arises only from the division of my attention, not any intent to offend.  I realize that I have recently posted some purely whimsical things, and taken time to debate ethics with Cassandra and company, so it may appear that I have more time than I do; but I promise that such moments of pleasant distraction are only to buoy morale, not because I have time to waste.