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March 2008

National Heroes Tour- Uncle J takes the stage

We were running short of heroes when we hit Marshall, MO but they gave us such a welcome Pete wanted to make sure they got a solid show so he had me pinch hit. As I have mentioned they rode us in like royalty, participated in a great town hall and then fed us fried chicken and biscuits. It rivals the opener on the Midway for best stop on the tour. I apologize for the audio being less than stellar, I couldn't record from the PA. I know I was too far from the mic, but it sounded fine to the audience just echoed out from the room.


I have met so many B5 readers and cool bloggers I am seriously remiss in naming and linking, but I am trying to catch up. If I owe you a link about the tour or anything else email me and remind me. I have woken up two of the last three days not even aware what city I was in so help me out.

Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, was at the breakfast in St. Louis and made a great report as usual.

Miss Ladybug reminds us about the American Veterans Traveling Tribute.

KAT Missouri visited on the magic bus and had me freefly a little.

Mike Yon's "Stake Through Their Hearts"

Via Mike Yon, here's a taste of the aftermath of some combat operations:

Stake Through Their Hearts

...Meanwhile, the two Blackhawks with dead and wounded were traveling about 180 mph. Moore would push the engines into the thermal red zone with the temperature exceeding 903°C, but would pull back down before twelve seconds passed, so the engine didn’t overheat for too long. Once the temp dropped, he would push back over 903°C, careful to keep it under the twelve-second transient limit.

SGT Kevin Heitz was manning a door gun with one hand, while holding a bandage over a Special Forces soldier’s wound with the other. Over a half hour later, they landed at the Combat Support Hospital in Mosul where they were met by medical staff with stretchers.

Three Special Forces soldiers were wounded. Three Iraqis were killed, including the interpreter whose wife had just had a baby. The Special Forces soldiers had been close to the SWAT and were upset, while Iraqis were bawling for their dead and wounded. Josh Price put his arm around one Iraqi who could not stop crying. The aircrew offered to give blood for the wounded Iraqis even though they were not permitted to do so because they were on flight status...

Read more here.

And be sure to pre-order his new book "Moment of Truth in Iraq" here.

Outside the Wire & Inside a Nuttah's head

In a wonderful bit of kismet, I was sitting on the tour bus in KC and I heard someone ask if Jimbo was on the bus. Next thing I knew JD Johannes walked on and I was talking to an actual film-maker. He has released an extended version of his tremendous war film "Outside the Wire" and he gave us several copies. Wow, Matt does some of the commentary and you will love it.

Jihad Gene lets us know what the Great Reader in Norf Korea is thinking about with his latest bout of rocketry.

Kimmy's been at it again with the rockets. I'm as big a attention wanter as him, I reckon!  Here is an article by me with KIM singing
"I've been working on my Ro-ckets!"

US Marines In Berkeley -

Ranger-Up has nominated the Berkeley City Council for Douche of the Week.  We here at Blackfive agree whole-heartedly with the Rangers' nomination (except the time frame - Maybe, "Douche of the Month or Quarter"?).

Anyway, they produced a new t-shirt for the USMC in Berkeley. I won't spoil the LMAO (err, the LYAO) you'll get, other than to say it has to do with Marines and Hippies.

Once a Marine...

Umm, not quite a "chops" bustin'...Tantor sends this article about an 84 year old Marine:

Police: Teen makes mistake of trying to rob former U.S. Marine

...The boy said, "Old man, give me your wallet or I'll cut you," Bair said. The man told the boy he was a former Marine who fought in three wars and had been threatened with knives and bayonets, Bair said.

The man then put his bags on the ground and told the boy that if he stepped closer he would be sorry. When the boy stepped closer, the man kicked him in the groin, knocking him to the sidewalk, Bair said. The ex-Marine picked up his grocery bags and walked home, leaving the boy doubled over, Bair said...

Read the whole article here.

Building Summers


Pallets of building materials float to the desert floor near Patrol Base Summers on March 16. The patrol base is currently under construction near Suwayrah, 20 miles south of Baghdad. Photographer: Sgt. Ben Brody, Multi-National Division-Central.


Staff Sgt. David Aleman of Company A, 2nd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment, attached to 4th Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, pulls security at a farmhouse during Operation Marne Rugged, March 15. Photographer: Sgt. Ben Brody, Multi-National Division-Central.

The story of setting up a patrol base in a new territory is after the Jump.

Continue reading "Building Summers" »

Fitna- Geert Wilders exposes Islam

They killed Theo Van Gogh and ran Ayan Hirsi-Ali from the country, but Dutch politician Geert Wilders reminds us that not all in Holland are Dhimmis. Fitna simply exposes the evil done in the name of Islam, but that is too much for the jihadis and those who seek to establish a global caliphate. Watch and steel yourself for the Long War.

McCain solid as a rock on Jihad

I think my anti-jihad credentials are pretty solid but some perspective before I launch at my own team. We conducted counter-insurgency operations against Islamic extremists, that I participated in, 20 years ago. I knew they were our main growing enemy and I have spent a goodly chunk of my adult life studying and opposing their efforts. It is a Long War in the truest sense of the word and while we may fight and kill the terrorists attacking the free world today we must win by convincing the following generations that death for Allah is not the path to Paradise.

John McCain is getting all kinds of unwarranted abuse over what is likely the most common sense statement about our war on them that I have heard.

"In this struggle, scholarships will be far more important than smart bombs.

Absolutely, positively, 100% correct sir. The fact that he is taking shots from all kinds of folks who should know better is disturbing. Mark Steyn, whose book America Alone details the threat we face beautifully, manages to completely misconstrues the Senator's point and demagogues him for pointing out the patently obvious.

Really? Even as a theoretical proposition, trusting the average American college education (even if one does not draw Sami el-Arian or Ward Churchill as one's mentor) to woo young Muslims to the virtues of the Great Satan would be something of a long shot. But it isn't even theoretical anymore.

There's plenty of evidence out there that the most extreme "extremists" are those who've been most exposed to the west - and western education: from Osama bin Laden (summer school at Oxford, punting on the Thames) and Mohammed Atta (Hamburg University urban planning student) to the London School of Economics graduate responsible for the beheading of Daniel Pearl. The idea that handing out college scholarships to young Saudi males and getting them hooked on Starbucks and car-chase movies will make this stuff go away is ridiculous - and unworthy of a serious presidential candidate.

That is a ridiculous characterization of the statement McCain made and more importantly the types of actions that will lead us to success in combating the jihadists. Mr. Steyn's book was an important voice in raising awareness of the ideological and demographic war we are engaged in. What it doesn't have is any prescription for what ails us, and for him to dismiss Sen. McCain's entirely accurate assessment is decidedly unhelpful. Unless Steyn thinks we should march on Mecca and take down Islam, we need a strategy that tackles the problem not the symptom. Terrorists and their carnage are the tactics of the global jihad, and they should be combated directly with accurate intel and decisive lethality. But we must place the larger emphasis on fighting and winning the war on ideas.

The normally on-target Michelle Malkin misses by a mile calling his statement "cringe-worthy.

John McCain is supposed to be the presidential candidate best equipped to tackle what he calls “the transcendent challenge of our time: the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.” His speech yesterday to the LA World Affairs Council demonstrates, however, that McCain doesn’t get it.

Memo to the McCain camp: Go to the dunce corner, read “How Khalid learned his ABCs,” and take that stupid scholarships/smart bombs soundbite out of your boss’s speeches.

People snap our of it and don't fight extremism with extremism. McCain was not suggesting conducting frat rushes and keg parties for budding terrorists. He was pointing out that you must win the minds of the next generation and the information war to stop the threat from growing and eventually defeat it. We defeated the active threat of the Nazi Blitzkrieg with bombs and bullets, but then the Marshall Plan rebuilt their country and showed them that America was a friend to those who stand for democracy and freedom. The same thing made Japan a solid ally and a prosperous nation.

When some of the smartest minds and best pundits on the right attack a candidate with impeccable credentials regarding the War on Terror we have a problem. When they do so with arguments that defy logic, they only help the left and those candidates whose policies on jihad are what is actually cringe-worthy.