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"Outside the Wire" - Get Your Copy Now

    "Hopefully they'll grow some balls and just bound on us and try to overrun us, but they don't want to die that quickly." - Paratrooper of Blackfoot Company, "Outside the Wire"

The "Outside the Wire" DVD is now available.  Here is the trailer for the documentary about Iraq:

I was honored to be asked provide voice over comments for the Extras section on the 'Danger Close' episode (Blackfoot Company Paratroopers at OP Omar in Iraq) on the DVD.  J.D. Johannes, there with a video camera, was almost killed twice with the paratroopers (I don't know if it made the cut on the DVD because we did two takes, but I did ask him, "J.D., WTF were you thinking?"). 

The paratroopers were actually complaining about the lack of action when AQI decided to launch an attack to wipe them out - the quote at top of this post was made hours before the attack...and, at the time, one patrol was outside the wire and a Staff Sergeant had to figure out whether to try to make it back to the tiny fort, stay outside and fight to support the fort, or hunker down and hope to avoid detection.

You also hear the guys throw around quotes from "Full Metal Jacket" while engaging Al Qaeda. 

I'll just say this.  If my children ever end up in the military, I hope their sergeants and officers are like the men in Blackfoot Company.  Smart, Hilarious, Courageous, Faithful and Fierce - you can be proud of our paratroopers today (as always).

There are three components to "Outside the Wire":

'Danger Close' (discussed above, also) is an up-close, in-depth look at a complex attack by Al Qaida on small, distant U.S. Army outpost on the edge of the Euphrates river valley. JD Johannes was the only reporter to witness the attack and followed the US Army paratroopers into combat--nearly getting himself killed.

'Anbar Awkens' shows the greatest turn-around of the Iraq War--the tribes of Al Anbar province joining with the coalition to fight Al Qaida--from the perspective of the Jumayli tribe. The Jumayli tribe--with no prompting from the Coalition--turned on Al Qaida and engaged in a serious gun-battle with Al Qaida before formally joining with the coalition.

'Baghdad Surge' is a look at the surge from asphalt level. This episode follows a U.S. Army infantry Captain through a 'day-of-the-surge' and the modern three-block-war.

Get the DVD today.

[The episodes are available separately too.]