US Marines In Berkeley -
Mike Yon's "Stake Through Their Hearts"

Outside the Wire & Inside a Nuttah's head

In a wonderful bit of kismet, I was sitting on the tour bus in KC and I heard someone ask if Jimbo was on the bus. Next thing I knew JD Johannes walked on and I was talking to an actual film-maker. He has released an extended version of his tremendous war film "Outside the Wire" and he gave us several copies. Wow, Matt does some of the commentary and you will love it.

Jihad Gene lets us know what the Great Reader in Norf Korea is thinking about with his latest bout of rocketry.

Kimmy's been at it again with the rockets. I'm as big a attention wanter as him, I reckon!  Here is an article by me with KIM singing
"I've been working on my Ro-ckets!"