Mike Yon's "Stake Through Their Hearts"
NHT- JD Johannes films the KC event

National Heroes Tour- Uncle J takes the stage

We were running short of heroes when we hit Marshall, MO but they gave us such a welcome Pete wanted to make sure they got a solid show so he had me pinch hit. As I have mentioned they rode us in like royalty, participated in a great town hall and then fed us fried chicken and biscuits. It rivals the opener on the Midway for best stop on the tour. I apologize for the audio being less than stellar, I couldn't record from the PA. I know I was too far from the mic, but it sounded fine to the audience just echoed out from the room.


I have met so many B5 readers and cool bloggers I am seriously remiss in naming and linking, but I am trying to catch up. If I owe you a link about the tour or anything else email me and remind me. I have woken up two of the last three days not even aware what city I was in so help me out.

Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, was at the breakfast in St. Louis and made a great report as usual.

Miss Ladybug reminds us about the American Veterans Traveling Tribute.

KAT Missouri visited on the magic bus and had me freefly a little.