Winter Soldiers?
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National Heroes Tour- Kickoff on USS Midway

I posted the full videos of the events and you can see them at the Blackfive TV. Here is a ten minute best of reel of the National Heroes Tour opener. Do check out the American Hitmen, five Marines who decided to form a band while in Fallujah, who rocked the ship. I get chills every time I hear "Born Again" (lyrics after the jump). Hugh Hewitt broadcast his radio show from the ship and had the heroes on to talk. The event was incredible and Vets for Freedom should be commended for all their good work.


Also be sure to pick up Marcus Luttrell's book "Lone Survivor", the movie is currently in production, and David Bellavia's "House to House" which is my favorite book about Iraq.

American Hitmen- Born Again

I watched my friend's life slip away
Just the other day
I held on his hand as he screamed out in pain
He looked at me and said
"Some things must be this way"
So I got on my knees and I started to pray

I took another man's life
Just the other day
I was on a mission and that man got in my way
I know that I will see so many better days
But for him I cannot say the same

You ask me if I've ever killed a man
I tell you "Yes, and I'll probably kill again
Because I'm born again"

Go my brother, be in peace
Leave the spoils of war at your feet