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Marines Send Home Some Love-

UPDATE:  I guess the Air Force will block this as 'unreliable', too...  thanks guys!

Marshmallow_and_pups Here, again, is a Puppy Rescue mission that has just c
ompleted from Iraq!  This post has a very high 'Awwww...' factor, so beware! Lots of pictures, too.

Some Marines contacted Operation Cookie Jar personnel, enlisting some help in getting what are obviously extremely cute, cuddly, needy puppies back home.  I blogged on these guys a couple weeks ago- now I can say they are ALL safely back into the good-'ol US of A, and heading to good Marine homes (is that redundant?) to live what will probably be a life of privilege.  For a Marine dog, anyway!

Skip on thru and take a look at the op!  Hats off, and many, many thanks to Stacy, Gordon, the fantastic guys at TMG, and the Rancho Coastal Humane Society!

Here, direct from the OPS team, is the report:


Once again, thanks for the support!  The Marine team in Iraq has expressed their heartfelt appreciation for all your help. The pups were born at a COP shortly after these Marines landed in Iraq.

Life for a dog in Iraq is frightful, at best.  If lucky, they may get some food scraps, now and then.  Maybe a mouse here and there, a dead bird or, share a goat carcass. 
They get sick & die young and, are simply tolerated . . . like rats!

That is, unless they’re lucky enough to be adopted by some U.S. Marines, like these!

These Marines will be on their way home soon and don’t want to leave the pups behind
to suffer a sure death by starvation or disease.  A bullet would be a better end for them!

Making necessary arrangement from a combat theater, on enlisted-mans pay, was nearly impossible.  These guys truly needed some help getting their young “Devil Dogs” home.

A special thanks goes out to "Terri" of "BaghdadPups", "Stacy", "Gordon," and the TMG Security Team in beautiful downtown Baghdad!  We couldn't have done it without your help!

So, here's quick update on the "Devil Dog" pups:

As you are aware, the military forced us to employ a private security contractor (PSD) to drive from Baghdad, through Ramadi & Haditha (Al Anbar Province), over to the Syrian border, pick up the 7 pups and drive them back to the Baghdad Airport (BIAP).  The cost for this service was extremely high.

We were alerted Sunday afternoon to be ready to load`n go; the Marines hurredly gave the dogs a quick bath, squared away all the travel carriers and checked everything needed for the ride home.

The pups were loaded up, a few photo's were taken and the PSD was treated to a lunch, then the team gassed up and returned to Baghdad via a different route.  A few hours later I received the "All Clear" message from the Operations Manager; all 7 pups were now safely in Baghdad, without incident!  They were fed, watered & walked.

Gryphon Airlines (MEO) took over the next part of the operation; getting the 7 pups to the States.  This ain't their first Rodeo (those of you that follow "BlackFive", know of their generous K-9 Rescue efforts)!

All 7pups departed Baghdad on their way to Kuwait City then, on to Washington, D.C. (7 pups on a 'restricted flight' is a CLASSIFIED operation)!

The 7 pups arived in D.C a little after 6:00 am, and I received a phone call a just after they cleared U.S. Customs (without a hitch).  They are now resting up with a local family.

After some rest and a well deserved potty-break, the pups will continue on to San Diego to await their dads!  They will be re-checked by a VET to ensure that they are healthy.

Another link to this story is from here, from San Diego. Now, for some of the pictures!  Can you really blame these guys?




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