5 Years On, And What Is The Only Subject They Got?
Jihad Gene & Kim Jong Il in effect

Looking For A Few Good Men...

Tomb_of_unkn_iraqi ...and women in service to their country from the last 5 years.

I've been mulling this over for a bit, and wondered how to pull this off, so I'll throw it up and see how we can make it happen.

I'd like to have submissions that you've seen or taken yourself in the following categories:

1.  Best Afghanistan photo & video
2.  Best Iraq photo & video
3.  Best Stateside photo & video
4.  Best quote of a Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman
5.  Best story- can be link, can be the entire story.
6.  Best composition- best described as some essay or powerpoint presentation that you've seen.

You can send me a link, the material itself, or whatever you can, so that we here at Blackfive can judge the entries.  We'll post them up here in a few weeks.  Original, never-before-seen material gets extra points.  Let's share the awesome work that our guys and gals have done!

I've got my favorites, but I'm not posting them up here until we have the other entries.  Maybe we'll post the faves of the Matty O'five staff.  Maybe the big guy will see this while he's on vacation and cut it short, coming back to pound my butt, I don't know.   Heck, maybe some of his vacation footage could end up here?   (hint hint)

Anyway, send it all to 'the dot mr dot wolf at gmail dot com'.  Thankfully, I have lots of storage (for now) left on the account.   Something tells me that may change soon.