US Navy SEAL Mike Monsoor to get the Medal of Honor
Another "We Need More Men Like This Kid"

Help Give Hollywierd A Clue

The "celebrity" site TMZ regards the search for the remains of the fallen as "BS." That's right, the effort to find and return the remains of the fallen is nothing but b******t to them. They have a poll there so that readers can vote on if this is a "Ridiculous Waste" or not.

Go vote. I did. Tell your friends and let them vote as well. It is a lot closer than it should be.

Also, you can leave a polite, well-reasoned comment there on the searches and why they are not BS no matter the war. And, you can also send a message to them here as well. Maybe if enough of us point out to them the why, they might get a clue. I doubt it, as this is Hollyweird, but one can hope.

Remember, class rules and polite and well-reasoned makes the point far better than barracks language -- after all, these are the emotionally delicate types of extreme sensitivity -- at least their readers most likely are. As far as I can tell, TMZ is just a bunch of glorified papparazzi or however you spell it and have the intellect of a cherrystone clam and sensitivity of the fictional Ferengi.

HT to Capt. Ed at Hot Air

NOTE: Since some don't get it, leave threats, intimidation, barracks language (no matter how well deserved) and such to the enemy. Invective in lieu of thought, along with gratuitous threats and intimidation, are their stock-in-trade, not ours.