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Attention On Net: Er, Nevermind, That Was Quick

Angela Madsen is a veteran of the United States Marines and has rowed across the Atlantic -- as a paraplegic. She became "differently abled," as she puts it, following failed back surgery in 1993. Like any Marine, she has adapted and overcome and works hard to help others -- including those injured in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as children -- do so as well.

Yesterday morning, this started as a very different post. My friend Val Prieto at Babalu Blog contacted me with the story of some low-life scum stealing the trailer from her van as it was parked overnight at a motel. The result is that she has had to cancel all planned events. This was something that neither Val nor I were going to let stand. What this did to my blood pressure I leave to your imagination.

That was yesterday morning. By just a bit after lunchtime, the situation had changed completely. The trailer company stepped forward and was building a custom trailer for materials costs. Another group had stepped forward and taken care of the materials half, and a new trailer was being made. Angela was in touch with a number of other groups, including Soldier's Angels. A lot of good has come and is coming out of this despicable act, and not only is my blood pressure down, it reminds me (and you) of the good people out there.

Angela will soon be travelling from Florida to California with her boat on a new trailer. She is interested in the possibility of meeting up with groups and people as she travels. You can reach her via her blog and be sure to check out her and Frank's site.

To all who stepped forward, our thanks.

Val Prieto
Laughing Wolf
Angela Madsen

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