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5 Years On, And What Is The Only Subject They Got?

436244890_t600 ...a body count.  That's the sum total of most of the articles posted this last week.

Seems that they cannot get past this- and no, I'm not counting the 'grateful' articles that seem to be written just to say 'thanks' to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in their service.  But I will say they have a nice write-up on Maj Olmstead.

No, given the sum total of the articles, all they can do is talk about ''its 5 years, we got 4,000 dead, and we are stuck in Iraq...''. 

For example: The only articles on Monday in my local RMN are about those that have died in the Iraq war.  Coincidence?  I think not- seeing as how the Denver Post, which is run by the same agency, was posting editorials like this one.  It is sad beyond belief when a father equates military service with becoming a drug dealer (and himself being a veteran.)  Yeah, I posted to both of them.  Seems no one around here wants to take me up on my free speaking engagements. 

In the NYT (MTRIH) their blog has been busy trying to make up 'lost time' and coverage in the rest of the rag by posting up numerous stories, again most are melancholy pieces decrying the tragedy of Iraq and service there.  None that I could find, outside FOX, were detailing the changes over time that have occurred that SHOULD be outlined.  Ones that who the evolving nature of this beast of a burden; comparing it say, to the changes from Pearl Harbor to the battle of Midway, just to make a point.  We've got a surprise for our blogging friends over there.  Stay tuned for this one.  Very tuned.

Others have pointed out that every time our press makes such statements, the insurgent media and online campaigns heat up and gain more readership and leverage.  Do you think Jihad Daily News has links to Huffington Post and the NYT?

We cannot give up; we cannot lose faith in those who've sacrificed so much will not have done so in vain.  My wife, who's seen far more horror in her short life than 99.999% of Americans could ever stand, vehemently stands behind the fight, and she's Buddhist, for goodness sake.  (and according to this article, has married very very well, I might add.)  Later this week, I'm off to meet the Marines and SEALs of San Diego, and get an update and some excellent footage on their training.  This, I'm stoked about.  (I'll blog it next week.) 

I cannot say it enough- we are in for one ugly 8 months.  Take this week as but a primer.  But the news is not all bad-  take a look at this one: our friends in the USAF cyber unit are being copied, it seems.