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Berserkeley Versus the US Marines (and all their supporters)--UPDATE

Yet Another Mayor Tells Marines to Get Out!

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Courtesy of Instapundit comes this story of a mayor not just ordering Marines out of town, but setting up a police roadblock to enforce same. It seems the mayor of Toledo got his little feelings hurt that he wasn't informed about the Marines returning for an urban training exercise -- an exercise that at least one Marine credited with helping him in real life in Fallujah. A claim by the mayor's spokesman that an alternative site was offered appears to be news to the Marines. Apparently, since he wasn't informed, the mayor decided to show his power (and lack of other attributes) in a fit of pique. Read the article, play the game of "Name that Party!"

This cost the Marines better than $10k in taxpayer money, not to mention wasting their time and having a negative impact on their training. The least I think should be done is for the mayor to personally pay that back to the Marines (NOTE: Having the city pay it for him is, IMO, tantamount to theft of public funds, though it would tend to confirm a lack of understanding of personal honor and be par for the course for a politician -- we have far too few Statesmen these days). I wonder how much pork is in the budget for Toledo...


UPDATE: Here is the mayor's web site and here is the site for the City Council. If you care to contact them, then do so but keep it professional and polite. Don't give them any cover or excuse to dodge the issue.

UPDATE II: The mayor spins like a top. He supports the troops /sarcasm off. No responsibility, no remorse, no concern that he has cost the Marines money and willfully and deliberately impeded training that could be crucial to the survival of those Marines when deployed. Pour it on and fire for effect; and, if you have ways of making your thoughts be reflected economically, then do so as I don't think that anything else will get him to stop spinning.

One final note is to thank Blackfive for removing the home contact info for this bozo, posted by another bozo. Don't do that again. Keep it polite and professional as to do anything else will only give this guy cover and the chance to play the martyr (more than he already is, that is).