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Yes, I Have Been Holding Out On You

On several fronts, as a matter of fact.

Last week, I was honored to fly to Pasadena and attend the first Soldier's Angels executive meeting. It was great to finally meet a number of people in person, such as Dell Babe (dellbabe68) who comments here. Soldier's Angels is a wonderful organization that does so much on so many fronts for our troops (and even those of other nations) and their families. My embeds were made possible by two groups: you, our readers; and, Soldier's Angels and its members.

I don't consider myself fast on my verbal/mental feet in person, but did get to give a pretty good line early on. When given the chance to say a few words to the people assembled there, I told them that I thought they were insane to claim me, but that I also kept waiting for Matt to sober up and ask me "Who are you, and what are you doing posting at my blog?" I went on to say I felt that time was at least three years away, however, and hoped that the same period of time might be true for them.

If you visit my site you will notice that my "Have Shared a Bite" group has grown. One of the benefits of such a gathering was getting to meet a wonderful group of SA bloggers and a good group of Milbloggers as well. No matter what the Air Force may think of blogs as reputable sources, I know that when I want the straight skinny I am going to this group and not the Shady Lady that is the New York Times.

While there, I also got to do something I have been trying to do for several years now. It was a delight and pleasure to finally meet Baldilocks. This gracious lady was kind enough to come out and visit for a while, so that we could discuss past times and people, current times and people, and lure unsuspecting youth into blogging. Yes, she is a Milblogger though recently she has been concentrating on the situation in Kenya, a thing near and dear to her heart. Yet, if you don't think Kenya and related issues have an impact on our military and our global security, you need to think again.

I also got to visit with my godsons, Chance and Calculation, who I think are now part of Soldier's Angels.

As I talked about here, it was interesting being in a room filled primarily with doers. Patti Patton-Bader is simply amazing, and the together with the people in that room, the synergy (and energy) is outstanding. Patti has taken something she was doing and gotten a few friends involved. Those friends now number more than 180,000 volunteers. Soldier's Angels is growing and changing, and I will leave it to them to describe those changes. I reiterate my belief that, for all they have done, the best is yet to come.

I also have more posts to come from both embeds. Yes, I am behind as work and life seemed determined to beset me at the oddest times. I also hope that my next embed will break the tradition of having a relative die everytime I return. And that my bosses won't decide to drop multiple large projects on me as a reward for returning safely. While I am wishing, I also wish my home would become self-cleaning... It's a dream.

More soon.