US Marines winning battle in Berkeley without firing a shot...
OK, This One Confuses Me. Practice Your Intelligence Skills People!

We Have Met The Enemy....Trust Me. They're Evil.

You can't watch this video or read these articles and not understand how desperate, and how evil our enemies are. Despite thousands of reports of how al Qaida, and, indeed, most every Islamic terrorist group is (and, yes all of Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, etc... ad nauseum are terrorists under their skin. You don't like my opinion, tough.) people in America need to be constantly reminded what we face. Otherwise, World Wars have started by ignoring facts such as these.


PS, That last "people in America" link is a spoof website, so don't get yer panties in a wad over politics. He has the correct links and I'd rather give him the traffic than Michael Moore. The others are crazy people who are too stupid to know what animal would bite them if they came near it, or they are just fed up with Muslims claiming nobility for blowing up women and children. A sentiment I subscribe to meself.....

Subsunk out.