I'm So, So, CONFUSED!?!?!?!?!
In the Crosshairs- Our own satellite

The Assault on John McCain...

...has begun.

A few weeks ago, the rabid fringe started flooded my in-box with accusations about John McCain.  Most called for "Swift Boating" McCain for being a coward, for collaborating with the North Vietnamese, and for turning against his brothers in the Hanoi Hilton.  Here's one example:

I recall rumors circulating that Johnny Boy had caved with the first threat of mistreatment, and subsequently collaborated with the North Vietnamese, tattling on his fellow prisoners.  This supposedly gave him "Favored Prisoner Status", resulting in all kinds of privileges which the others didn't enjoy.

Is there any way to check up on this?  If this is verifiable, perhaps we need to Swift Boat him.

"Johnny Boy"?

Recall "rumors"?

The goal of these people is to get me to post negative images of John McCain.  No links, no proof, no first hand accounts (well, other than the "I saw McCain beaten within an inch of his life" accounts).  Rumors, accusations, and the assumption that milbloggers are too gullible to question them.

The point is that there is an effort underway to discredit John McCain.  Did you see the New York Times hit piece that included not one confirmation? 

This is just the beginning.  And I wonder who is really behind it.

Whatever you want to say about John McCain, you had better be sure to realize one thing.  He is one tough hombre (physically and mentally tough) and I sure as hell wouldn't want to be you if you are set on slandering him.  It didn't work out so well for you in 2004, did it?

Bring it on.