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''Propaganda'' Indeed....

A few posts ago, in response to 'Tops' story I posted,  it was commented that the info was just all 'propaganda'. 

Mike Totten, a real fave around here, posts a new piece about his visit to a completely Iraqi-run jail (no, not prison, and he states the difference).  It is a mind-blowing visit:

“It's bad in there,” he said as we walked toward the jail. “But I've seen worse.”

“Where have you seen worse?” I said. He looked like someone who had been around. The hard lines in his face looked as though they were carved by sobering experience as much as by time.

...“can you believe this building is only three years old?” Sergeant Dehaan said to me.

What?” I said.

No, I didn’t believe it. The building looked at least sixty years old, and it looked as though no maintenance work had ever been done. Floor tiles were broken, the foundation was cracked, the stairs were uneven, and the walls were utterly filthy as though they hadn’t been painted once since I’ve been alive.

Be sure to read the ending and follow those links.  And no, this is no rehash of Abu Ghuraib...