Blackfive TV- The Messiah comes to Madison
Solidarity: Let Freedom Reign

Iraqi Politics at the Long War Journal

Mr. Ardolino posts part 3 of his 4 part series on Iraqi Politics. Seems that grassroots can take in the desert.

The clowns of IVAW are doing a Jenjis Khan inspired re-enactment of the Winter Soldier liefest, some good folks will oppose them.

Herschel Smith contemplates making dead tangos and sacking non-hacking officers.

Ward Carroll spots unusually clear-headed analysis from the WashPo.

Paul Riechoff and IAVA are working on a new GI Bill, oh hellz yeah.

And reader MikeT sends these pics that perfectly illustrate why the co-pilot does pre-flight inspections. Igor uos the ante in the comments with this.


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